Tuesday, June 29, 2010

thoughts - km

:D Ya ya ya! We are sneaky sneaky. We slipped right into Lafayette today :)
What words could I possibly write to fully describe this experience. Praise Him! He is so good. And I have come to believe it more and more.

I have to say at the beginning of the trip it was hard to balance things like buying food, going to the bathroom, getting gas... with the actual treasure hunting. Yet, slowly they began to become one. It's kind of insane. I found myself going to the bathroom... and constantly being consciously aware of everyone in every stall, what they were wearing, what they were saying, and what God was speaking. We would sit down to eat, and there would be someone around us that was the treasure or needed prayer. It's like if I wanted to escape it (which I don't!), I never could.
How awesome is that? I know that this thing we call "treasure hunting" doesn't have to have clues. Or a title. It is simply a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle of listening to what God wants to do through you... and actually doing it. Not to mention it happens to be incredibly fun :)

God has taught me to rely on Him. For everything. I'm not sure what else I could add to that. I can't rely on others... they are looking for something to rely on as well. I definitely can't rely on money, that runs out quickly. And I surely can't rely on things... ahem... Abravan (or our GPS - Sarah). Haha. God is my source for LIFE/living/joy/purpose/peace itself. That has become so apparent.
I think that we sometimes only see with our physical eyes when God is calling us to see through spiritual eyes. What is someone really needing when they only ask you to pray for their finances? The man in the Bible that asked Peter for money really needed a miracle in his body... to walk! If anything, God has taught me on this trip to question what others really need though they ask for something different on the surface.

You are due all credit for what happened here. You taught us how.
Matthew 10

DaniB and Brookie:
Marmalade! :D
Let's continue--- every. single. day.

I hope this trip has shown you how real our God is.


  1. welcome home,glad you had a good time,but most importantly really glad you had GOD time,cant wait to hear all about it,get some rest!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm SOOO glad you're back, we've really MISSED you all....but more than that I'm SOOOOOOOO glad you've had this opportunity. It's just the beginning of this 'great adventure'! God gave you 'work experience' in his kingdom's plan for the lost. We need to use the treasure 'detector' (Holy Spirit) and start searching at Purdue University, Lafayette and West Lafayette....there are MANY treasures waiting to be found! I have many treasures surrounding me, and the Lord is showing them how He loves them. It's exciting! Let's step out in boldness to believe God for what only HE can do! He is able and MORE than willing. He's waiting on us!!!!

  3. Kiersten... you are such a woman of faith. I can't wait to see what God is going to do through you (and Brooke & Dani). You are right about Treasure Hunting - it is a lifestyle. We should be looking for God at work in people's lives at all times, not just at treasure hunting time. He is actively present, we just have to seek His presence in order to receive His presents!

    Regarding your reflection about people's off the top prayer requests, I think you're dead on. Maybe tweeking the question to discovered treasured people to be, "What three clues can you give us about how to pray for you?" might open up more dialogue. People may be specific or can be vague or hint at things, then you can ask whether you can pray for them right now, then pray in the Spirit for their clues and see what God might just do! You may or may not ever know the significance of your prayers, but it will make for an exciting journey anyway and a great revealing when it's time to get your true teasures in heaven. And, what a beautiful crown you three are going to have!

    Thanks again for your faithfulness. I will forever treasure and never forget our wonderful "encounter!"

  4. So God times!!! Yes you are all treasure hunters for the kingdom of God. This was foundational and you have yet to see what will come to fruitition from this. Get ready! I believe God is going to have you partake in church out of the box. You are willing, available, obedient and love God for God. I am so very proud of all of you and am definitely blessed to know and love you.