Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 20...the REALLY BIG ONE

There is so much to share about this day so this post might be a little long. Hang in there though because it gets really good. You need to read it. :)


  • Once again we had another encounter at breakfast. We were sitting there enjoying our food when we saw a little girl with Mickey Mouse on her shirt. The crazy thing about this one was that her family was Muslim. We knew we were supposed to talk to them, but we just didn't know how to go about it. We sat there for about 20 minutes debating who was going to do it. We were all so nervous. We really couldn't believe it. Finally Brooke approached them and we realized that there was really nothing to worry about. They just sat and smiled at her and we feel like the wife really accepted it. They also asked for prayer for safety as they traveled.
  • We talked to a lady at Kohl's who had 3 clues surrounding her.
  • We had a clue that was a full brace on the left leg. While in Wal Mart we saw a lady who was in a wheel chair and had A FULL BRACE ON HER LEFT LEG. When we asked her if she needed prayer for anything she said NO. Obviously she did so we prayed for her later anyway. :)
  • We passed a woman with feathers all over her shirt and she encouraged us to keep doing what we are doing.
  • We talked to a man with every shark (clue) on his shirt.
  • We approached a lady with a stuffed dalmatian (clue) in her cart.
  • While standing by the fish bowls (clue) a lady with feathers (clue) on her purse entered the aisle.
  • We saw a woman who was on a motorized scooter surrounded by clues (monopoly, legos, etc.) but she was on the phone so we couldn't approach her. We then saw her again a little bit later and she had dog food and dog bones (both clues) in her cart. We also just happened to just pass by the clothes pins (clue), rubbermaid containers (clue) and a shark (clue) leading us to her. We told her what we were doing and right away she proceeded to tell us that she is a christian and is going to be homeless in 4 (now 3) days. We prayed with her and were able to bless her.
  • We talked with Jim and Tori in Pier One who both had necklaces with keys (clue) on them.
  • We talked with Lisa and Kathy who had a giraffe purse (clue). They had just had an encounter earlier that day. They were really encouraged by us and Kathy new that God was trying to get her attention. :)
  • We tried talking to a lady with a sky blue shirt with white polka dots on it (clue).
  • We talked to a lady in Big Lots with a giraffe purse (clue). She said to pray for people who don't have jobs.
  • We saw a guy with Mickey Mouse (clue) on his shirt. He had twin (clue) daughters who both had paint splatter (clue) purses.
If you haven't read Day 17 yet, read that blog before you read the following:
One of the reasons we came back to Redding is because God made it clear we were supposed to be at the Friday night service at Bethel we know why. Lou Engle was the guest speaker and his message was about The Call Sacramento which will be happening on September 3 (none of which we knew ahead of time). His vision for this event is to have people from every state come and collectively cry out for freedom in our nation. They chose Sacramento because of the SACRAMENT of Jesus' blood flowing over our nation. Funny thing is that Kiersten had a dream a little over a week ago in which a little girl gave her the clue blood (we think it ties in here). Also, we think the encounter with Carol three days ago when we prayed on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento for 200 prisoners was symbolic/foreshadowing of what God wants to do through Lou and his ministry in September. So after service we found Banning (director of Jesus Culture) and he brought Lou to us so we could tell him all about how God is preparing Sacramento even now for The Call. Also, one of our clues yesterday was quail, and Lou talked about a dream with Dan Quayle in it - who is from Indiana. When we mentioned the clue to Banning and Lou they said, "You know that's the state bird of California, right?" NO WE DID NOT. Crazy. We just know that God has been planning these things and has even bigger plans for our trip and The Call than anyone can imagine.

Prayer requests:
  • Please pray that our treasures would be more open and honest about their needs for prayer. It's awesome to get to tell people that they are God's treasure and He loves them but we really want to minister to people through prayer, and everyone just says "Nope, I'm good" but we can tell there's something.
  • Continued low-ish gas prices.
  • Sweet sleep and DREAMS.
We think we are really leaving Redding this time :)

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  1. Pray for increase measure of boldness and discernment to the underlying specific roots of the peoples needs and situations. I believe that God is going to give you specific words to speak into peoples lives. You will begin to transition from an opportunity of not only identifying peoples needs but right to the core issues with Gods supernatural power. You will walk in kingdom authority and power.

    Love ya,