Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry we didn't post last night. WiFi was not available to us.

Hello hello hello!!! This is me, Kiersten Mason, hi :) I am soooooo pumped to write today. Right now we are and have been in Colorado Springs, CO for awhile. Just call us Waldos :) you never know where we'll be next. And a thanks to all of you (I know you're reading this) that follow, and read, and comment, and encourage. It's definitely been a ride... and a humbling experience at that. Brushing your teeth at Walmarts makes me love private bathrooms all the more. And another thing I'm 'learning', O how BOLDNESS is a thing to be practiced. It's awesome though.
So we have all kinds of encounters so we're going to try to keep it brief... ish. On Saturday, we ran into employees at car washes and stores, shoppers, waitresses... it's been crazy.

  • In Castlerock: We went to outlet stores, the first store we walked in, PacSun (SUN was a clue!), the super cool girl working the register had a nose ring (clue!). Didn't think about it till later that there were lots of clues in there. So we went back :)
  • Then drove to CO Springs, saw a store called CLEANERS so we ran in and told the employee at the desk she was God's treasure and Jesus had purpose for her life.
  • Abravan (our van) was filthy dirty from BUGS! ew. So we went to a carwash, and told the girl working why we were in town and that we were there to find God's treasure!
  • Went to Goodwill (yeahhhh, represent!) found an employee with PINK hair, next to this frame with suns on each corner, by the 101 Dalmations movie (clues!). Told her what was going on, she said she wasn't religious, didn't believe in church, but DID believe in God. So we just told her He loved her so much that He brought us there to find her :)
  • This next one was awesome, we went to Christy sports (who knows why... we didn't even know what it was haha) and walked around. We weren't finding any clues, but as we were walking out the guy in the store asked what our van said. PAUSE. Right before this point, we had gotten window markers, wrote on our van "God has purpose for you." And our blog and stuff. So that sparked conversation with the employees Jim and Sandy (whom were great!!). We talked to them for about 15 minutes or so, just about God, church, miracles, what we were doing. We also got to pray for Sandy and her family. Thanks Sandy! You blessed us :)
  • Next door was a Dollar Tree, when we walked in there we found Breanna. She walked by many clues that we had and Dani knew she was the treasure. When we told her she said that that was really weird because a lady at church just the other day had told her almost the exact same thing. So we told her that God was definitely trying to get her attention. She could go to Him with everything. So then we just prayed over her life. It was especially emotional for me (Kiersten) because I said things that I had no idea where they were coming from. Well... I mean, yeah I know. Jesus even said the Holy Spirit gives us the words to say. Matthew 10:20 - It was unexpected... thanks, God.
  • We then went to Hobby Lobby and found a mother and daughter in an aisle that matched about a million clues. We prayed for their decision to move and go on missions.
  • We went into Michael's and stood in an aisle that also match a ton of clues for a while. Then a family walked into the aisle and we knew we were supposed to approach them. The two boys were even twins which we didn't realize until their mother told us! Twins was a clue that we have been trying to find for days! It was a real blessing running into them. All 7 of us held hands in the middle of the aisle and prayed for their youth pastor's baby. The baby is not born yet, but they have named him Jayden. Then name means "Jehovah has heard." They are having complications with him in the womb. People all over the nation are praying for him. So we encourage you to pray too. The lady we talked to said she would keep us posted on how he is doing! We are believing in a miracle here!
  • Alright last one... we went to a restaurant for dinner and our waitress Christina asked us why we were dressed so casually, if we were athletes. Soooo... we told her everything. She said it was awesome and gave us the name of her church that we had to go to that night! Woop!
Blessings/Funny Stuff:
  • Saw a RAINBOW!
  • Got to shower :)
  • Talking to our waitress Christina, Sandy, and the family at Michaels.
  • (Kiersten is driving) "Did I just shoot a booger out my nose?!?"

Now on to the next blog...

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