Monday, June 14, 2010

day 15 AND day 16

We are cramming two days in here :)
Well, yesterday (day 15) was bitter sweet. We woke up and had the BEST BREAKFAST of our lives... thanks to Uncle E-dog :D staying with him, we decided, was the highlight of our trip so far.
We all prayed together and then we left Idaho. In the van we were pretty sad. It was an awesome time, and we didn't really want to leave. But we know God has purpose with His timing.

We basically drove ALL DAY, through nothingness. It was kind of a bummer because we wanted to find people, but every place we went through there wasn't a thing.
Until we got to Reno, that is :)
We stopped at a Walmart to sleep, and went inside to brush our teeth. As we were heading outside, Brooke and Dani told me (Kierstoni) that we passed a girl with a huge ANCHOR (clue!) tattoo on her shoulder. Okay, A) what 20 year old girl has a giant anchor on her shoulder and B) what are the odds we stopped at the Walmart she was at, at the exact time of night, walked out the same doors, in the same city -- Reno, Nevada!! The odds, the coincidence, is so rare. Woo hoo! So we turned right around, went back inside to the redbox she was at with her friend, and told her everything. She and her friend said she had just gotten the tattoo because one of their friends had died. She got it for the friend. Her name was Megan, she hugged us all, and said that we were going to make her cry :) it was a God moment if anything. We prayed for her and the family of the friend that died. Don't tell me God isn't personal.

Now to day 16. We spent some time in Carson City and then decided to go back to Reno. While in Reno we had a lot of encounters and by a lot I(Dani) mean MORE THAN EVER! Praise God!

  • Kris in Carson City at Safeway. We prayed for her family.
  • Lou in Carson City at Safeway. She was recently in a car accident so we prayed for a good deal on a new car.
  • Lady with a butterfly tattoo in Carson City at Lowes.
  • Mary Kay in Carson City at Lowes. We prayed for her daughter Justine.
  • Lady in the garden aisle at Lowes.
  • We went to lunch at this point, and let me just say... even if we tried to get away from treasure hunting, God wouldn't let us I'm convinced. I (Kiersten) looked out the window and saw Destiny and Louise, two ladies that matched our clues. So I jumped up, ran outside after them, and they were totally for it. We all three held hands and prayed for Louise (who broke her femur). They said that it was awesome God led us to them :)
  • Haley and Chelsea at the mall in Reno. We told them what we were doing and that they matched some clues and their reaction was..."That is so cool!" :-)
  • Lady at the mall in Reno with big red lips on her shirt...yes big red lips was a clue. Sometimes God gives us crazy clues, but we actually find them.
  • Sheila, an employee in Sears at the mall.
  • Jenn in the toothpaste aisle at Target in Reno.
  • Shandra in Target with butterfly tattoos ALL over her body. Butterfly tattoo was a clue and from her own mouth she said she had a "flock" of them. God must have been really trying to get our attention.
  • Meghan, an employee at Target with a Tinkerbell tattoo. There are a lot of people with tattoos in Nevada. It's crazy. It makes it easy for us. :)
Yes that is *15* people total for this blog! Yeah! All praise to God, for leading us even when we're tired, loving us even if we're grumpy, and using us even if we're confused why we are where we are. Haha. We also noticed that they were all female this time. I guess we're just finding all the "princesses" today.

Well... tomorrow you'll find us in California! But, who knows where...
Shout out to Uncle Eric! We miss you!


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