Thursday, June 10, 2010

DAY 12

We spent the night in Brigham City, Utah. It rained a lot last night, but I (Dani) couldn't hear it because of these wonderful things called EAR PLUGS! I had no clue that it was so loud. It was great. I didn't even hear Kiersten snoring. :) Apparently I snore too (says Kiersten.) We started our day off differently today. We spent time worshiping and praying to spiritually prepare ourselves for the day and hear what God had for us. It was a good time. It's nice to just sit with worship music on and focus completely on God. It is much needed. We then made our way to Twin Falls, Idaho! We ate an entire chicken for dinner. It's true! It was so yummy...obviously. ;)


  • Evelyn at Dollar Tree. We prayed for her family.
  • We went to a hospital and shared with a nurse that she was God's treasure.
  • Prayed for a janitor at the mall in Twin Falls for her finances.
  • Prayed with Shannon for her son, Austin who is in jail and dealing with court issues.
  • Encountered a 11 year old girl in TJ Maxx and told her that God loves her.
  • We also encountered a lady in TJ Maxx who was also a treasure.
  • We had another prayer circle in Michael's with Cindy and Sarah. We prayed for their niece Carrissa who is having a baby and also for Cindy who has post polio.
Blessings/Funny Stuff:
  • On our way to Twin Falls we had a long conversation about Mormonism and got righteously angered at Joseph Smith. hehe
  • We still can't believe we ate an entire chicken!
  • We "flew" like a pack of geese through the parking lot today (it was super windy when we got here!)
  • We got cheap gas again!
  • While we were in Michael's we saw a picture for cake icing and there were letter blocks "BDK" That's us!
  • God frequently uses songs in directing us when we go into stores. For example one of the songs today in Michael's said "Don't go away." We didn't and then found treasure!!!!

Where will we go next?


  1. I just read about your first twelve days; thank you so much for posting and letting us take a peak into your life! I've been praying for you guys, and I know that God is changing you as you let Him change others through you. Thank you for being faithful in your obedience. It's so encouraging to see other people who truly believe in God's power and who are willing to walk it out. May you all have countless encounters on your fabulous Friday, and enjoy the beauty on the west side of the country; it's breathtaking.
    Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea... [Psalm 46:2]
    The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as lions. Proverbs 28:1


  2. I saw you guys about two and a half weeks ago in Twin Falls, Idaho looking at the Perrine Bridge by TJ Maxx; that mini mall over in Twin across from the Magic Valley Mall. I noticed you because I remember I wasn't really watching where I was going while I was driving through the parking lot towards the Bridge. I was about 10 feet away from your white van with the plates from Indiana (I think) but was still startled by the fact that the van was so close when I looked up again. I lose focus easily. I remembered what was written on your van's windows today when I was dying of boredom at work, so I decided to look at your blog. BTW I was in a beat up purple-ish Mercury car sitting in the parking lot in front of the Perrine Bridge for a few hours about 2 spaces away from your van. Ring a bell? Probably have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway, seems like your joyride is fun. Good luck doing what it is you're doing.

    -Julie Hutch. (