Monday, June 21, 2010

day 21 and 22

On Saturday we went back to the Sacramento area and were very blessed to stay with Carol and her family. During our trip there we found two treasures (a mother and daughter) in Target. Once we arrived at Carol's we enjoyed a home cooked meal prepared by Chris (Carol's husband) and lots of great conversation about our trip and their vision for ministry. Carol's son, Charlie, said that we "are huge followers of Jesus and good treasure hunters." He is now our bud :)

Sunday we went to church with the Davis family and were able to share about our trip with various members of the congregation, including Jesse (one of Carol's "guys" out on parole). He shared with us about his walk as well and we were able to pray with him. Another highlight from church was praying with William and Bob before we left. Once we left church Carol took us on an "errand" to Sam's Club. While there, we figured we would go to aisle 8 and pray for Carol since that was what happened in the dream about her :) Carol really did have to go to Sam's to get a watermelon. Also, the Davis family and Jesse were able to witness treasure hunting first hand as Dani talked to a girl with yellow shoes!

From the Club we traveled down scenic Highway 1 - we had no idea what we were getting into. The view was indescribable but we were very unprepared for the terrain. We were really livin' on the edge. Abravan was faithful to get us through but not without a lot of motion sickness along the way. Thankfully we didn't have to drive along the highway in the dark - that would have been so much worse. After twelve hours of driving we finally ended up in Oceanside. Praise the Lord!

Blessings/Funny stuff:
  • My (Kiersten) little sour patch child lost his life on the highway yesterday. I dangled him, threatening that if Brooke didn't eat him he was a goner. Poor guy never had a chance, as we all denied consuming him.
  • Also, I burnt 12 taste-buds off by eating the patch children... and proceeded to place a Ritz cracker on my tongue to soothe it.
  • Dani and I have discovered we have foot moles! Brooke almost puked.
  • We stopped at the ocean, SO STOKED to see waves! But then they bombarded us and we were soaked... toe to knee.
  • On highway 1: pebbles dumped out of my jean cuffs, we saw a mountain man, a naked man, drove over a deteriorating bridge, Dani continually said, "I'm gonna puke. I'm gonna puke" as she stuffed crackers in her mouth, and laughed the hardest we have yet. It was awesome :)
  • The next mountain we drove through, I was driving and Brooke had a panic attack as she was experiencing de ja vu and couldn't see the road.
  • We are blessed that we all get along SO well. It's true, and we thank God for it :)
  • We didn't run out of gas in an hour long traffic jam.
  • God's hand and angels MUST be surrounding our van.
  • Blessed with beds, showers, food, laundry, and fun by the Davis family.
Exhausted, but determined...


  1. Sounds great. What is it about vans, mountains, and living on the edge? Reminds me of IN THE VAN, lol,

    Praying for you constantly,

    Love ya

  2. OK, so we failed to mention the fact that Highway 1 isn't quite a freeway! Sorry you about fed the fish on your way! It is such an amazing drive that we always forget about the cost of enjoying it. :-) Glad to hear you made your way safely, and, I would say the praise is not running out of gas dangling on the cliffside of highway 1!

    We had a great time with the three of you and I think you made a lasting impression on Charlie. He now wants to go treasure hunting! No telling where this will all go. I think we'll launch it in the small groups in my class at the prison too. It's a great way for them to share their faith in a easy, approachable way. More God-sized stories to come...

    In His Grace,