Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today we are in Redding, California, and have discovered that we are no longer hunting treasures they are finding us. Many of our treasures just popped up right in front of our faces - God made them very obvious :)

  • First thing this morning, while eating breakfast, we heard a lady whistling (clue!) behind us. Weird thing is that she initiated conversation with us by asking a question about something on television. From there we explained what we're doing and how she is God's treasure. We talked with Laura for thirty minutes about our trip, our beliefs, and her beliefs. It was a good start to the day!
  • While at Michael's we were all looking through kaleidoscopes (clue!) when a lady came over and picked one up as well! We couldn't pass that up.
  • We literally almost ran into Beverly as we were walking through Sears. We told her that she is God's treasure and she kindly replied, "I know." :)
  • We also went into a candy store where we found gummy worms, gummy octopus, a snowman with a snowflake around its neck, and a girl with a green hat - all clues! She denied a need for prayer but we planted the seed nonetheless.
  • Lynn was in Hot Topic with her granddaughter when we found her and explained to her how God pointed her out and treasures her.
  • We talked to Ruth in Fashion Bug and prayed with her for her brother John who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has a six-month prognosis. Please pray for miraculous healing!
  • Talked to Danelle as we were exiting Target and told her she is God's treasure.
  • As we went into some kind of sportsman's store, we walked around for a while, but our legs were hurting (haha... we are babies) so we sat down. I (Kiersten) was sitting on the ground, but as I stood up immediately a mom, grandma, and baby walked by. The baby had clues all over :) So I approached them and told them God gave us the clues to find them. As I was talking the grandma interrupted and said, "I've talked to you before, and I don't want anything to do with it..." but we told her we weren't from around here. They just walked away as we again repeated that God really loved them and they were His treasure. This one is so significant I think because the mother wanted to listen. The grandma pulled them away... we don't know their names, but pray that a seed was planted and God will use it mightily in all their lives one day. We are only more set to find the ones that sometimes don't want to be. God loves them too.
  • Two boys in Officemax spinning globes (clues!!). The mom, Emily, needed prayer for her husband John who lost his job. After we prayed, with tears in her eyes she said we made her day.
Blessings/Funny Stuff:
  • Shower!
  • Free breakfast
  • God has given us direction on where to go next, but it's a surprise. :) hehe DUNNN DUNNN DUUNNNNNNNNNNN!
  • We met Elmo's (the duck) cousins.


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  1. have fun and be safe girls! we all love and miss you girls!!