Monday, June 7, 2010


We made it to day 9! There was once again a street sweeper and a very annoying bird at 6 this morning. We will probably get used to all the noise...hopefully. We drove through downtown Denver today. Brooke says she will never again do that. It was kind of stressful. Then we drove on I-70 through the Rocky Mountains! I(Dani) was the one driving. It was very different from driving in flat Indiana. It was truly captivating though. Just driving through all of the mountains was amazing. I still can't get over the fact that God made those. He is the best. We then stopped at a cute little town called Eagle because eagle was one of our clues. How cool is that?! We are guessing that everyone knew everyone there. It sure seemed like it. We then drove to Rifle, CO. Yes...Rifle. It is very small too. God is bringing us to some amazing places.

  • Met Kate at the library in Centennial and prayed for her son-in-law whose dad just passed away.
  • We then went over to a little post office so that I (Kiersten) could buy a stamp... which was also a clue we had, and mail my family a postcard! And wouldn't you know it, the treasure was the post office man. He was surrounded by clues that we had such as "eagle", "balloons", "flags"... and the one that really stood out to me, the "Simpsons" on stamps right next to him :) He thanked us for telling him he was God's treasure and that He loved him. I love this simple kind of stuff. You never know where that could take him...
  • Talked with a teenage girl at Pier 1 in Denver. She didn't want prayer but we just told her that she is treasured and loved by God.
  • When we stopped in Eagle, CO, we found the "Nearly Everything Store." Inside was nearly all of our clues, including one of the hardest - Dumbo the elephant. We talked with the two cashiers, Sandy and Cheryl, blessed the store and carried on.
  • As we walked inside the City Market grocery store in Rifle, we specifically asked for a clue ON somebody rather than just around them. As we left we saw a young girl wearing a Tinkerbell shirt, approached her mom, and told them of their value in God's eyes. They were in a hurry so we didn't even get to ask for prayer but we all got a hug so we think it really meant something just for them to hear that they're a treasure.
Blessings/Funny stuff
  • We have resorted to Fiber One bars for regulation and baby wipes for cleanliness.
  • It was a huge blessing to see God's handiwork in the Rockies today :D
  • Dani and I (Brooke) are daily blessed with vocal performances by Kiersten.
  • The cashier at Wal-Mart didn't charge Dani three cents she was lacking for a toothbrush.
Needs/Prayer requests
  • Pray against stomach aches in all our bodies in the mornings as well as headaches throughout the day.
  • Pray for super gas mileage and low gas prices as we enter the $3/gallon region.
  • Energy for every day (we wake up at 7 a.m. and don't go back to sleep til 9 or 10 p.m.)
God is good :)
I (Kiersten) had a dream a week before we left for the trip. Our van was driving on jello, and we weren't going anywhere. We turned around and came back the 9th day. IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED... it is the 9th day. And we are pushing forward with perseverance because greater things ARE coming on the 10th day :D WOO! We really, sincerely, and faithfully declare it. It can only get better from here.
Tell us about your treasures at home!!


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  1. Dani, This is Bill. Want you to know that last night and today you guys were on my mind. I've been praying for protection and provision. Proud of you! Stay faithful!