Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 19

Whoa whoa whoa... well, we found all the crazies. They're in San Francisco :)
Haha, we only kid. Kinda. It was quite the hunt.
Last night, we left Redding, drove to Dixon and stayed the night. As we were driving last night, I (Kiersten) was sitting in the van just thinking about where we were supposed to go. Hospital in San Francisco came to my mind, so I meant to write it down in my phone and wait for it to be confirmed. Not twenty minutes later, Brooke says, "I think we are supposed to go to a Hospital in San Francisco." Props to God for confirmation!!! Woo! It happens like this a lot.

So today we drove to San Fran, and let us just tell you how difficult it is to drive Abravan in 2 inch wide streets. Okay... we exaggerate... but still. You should experience that.
Aaaaaaaaand I had to drive him up a 60 degree angle street!!! I almost puked.
Then Dani saw gas for $3.39 and almost puked. Brooke never puked.

We drove to fisherman's wharf, and right as we got there I saw a sign that said "Russian Treasure". That was kind of odd, but God made sense of it later. We went into a store with anchors all over the front and a penny press (clue!) outside. Inside was a guy in a pink shirt and a girl with orange hair walking around together. They matched our clues, so we told them about our hunt and their part in it :) and guess what... they were Russian. SO CRAZY.
Then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge (how could we not!) and then the general hospital in San Francisco. At the hospital, it was much more than we expected to see. We experienced the less fortunate side of San Francisco there. I'm not really sure how to describe all that we saw, but the conditions were heart-breaking.
Again, may you keep all of San Francisco in your prayers.
Powerful side-note: On our way to the Bridge we passed a corner shop that said "Black Magic and Voo Doo Lounge." From that point on we pumped up the song "Watch Out Heaven" where the lyrics state, "I'm taking back, taking back my authority..." and we were.

Now for the twist...
We had a plan that God has so politely ruined. :D
We have turned around and are now BACK in Redding. God has made it clear through numerous people that we are supposed to be back, at least for another day. Who knows what will happen tomorrow :) Funny thing is, while praying this morning, Brooke said to God, "ruin our agenda and may YOUR will be done." Thanks, God. No, but really... we follow wherever You lead. If that means backtracking, suhweet!!

Blessings/Funny Stuff
  • We got gas before the disgusting gas prices! Score!
  • We thought we saw a patient escaping the hospital!
  • Driving on the streets of San Fran, we accidentally upset a cyclist... who proceeded to let us know he was very angry.
  • This adorable little Asian mailman made our day. He was so happy and dressed in gangsta gear.
  • God has been giving us clues through other people and sometimes they're the same!!! Like, God gave us feathers... then a friend text us with the clue feathers!
We're taking back the rainbow if you know what we mean... if you don't, don't worry about it. :)


  1. That's right! The rainbow belongs, and has ALWAYS belonged, to God...and to us as His promise! Way to go, girls! And I love the pictures by the bridge...that AWESOME!! How neat to experience all these places!!

    One thing I've been thinking about as well. Carol, if you're reading this 'comment', I've just been wondering if you've had any problems with your knees or possibly lungs/breathing. Just curious.

  2. I wonder if knees and lungs could represent something spiritually in the dream?

  3. Whoa! That is so crazy that you are in Redding right now (or heading there). Just this morning I was talking with my parents about Redding. I've been thinking about it all day (let me note that I have not read the blog in a few days so I had no idea where you three were). God is cool how he aligns the thoughts of his people. I think he wants to do something big in Redding, you think? Are you going to Bethel Church at all?