Wednesday, June 9, 2010

oh day 11

We didn't have any encounters today. :(


Today we went to the temple...yes the Mormon temple, and spent two hours walking around Temple Square in downtown SLC. It was very informational and gave us a lot to think/talk/research about. One interesting thing that did not happen is we were NOT approached by any one of the hundreds of Mormon missionaries around the Square. It seemed like all other visitors were talking to a member of the church but not one came up to us. We saw this as kind of a blessing because we really were only there to look around. We saw a lot, read a lot, heard a lot, and learned a lot.

We also traveled to the not so great Salt Lake. We went because of the clues God gave us: boat and anchor. The lake itself wasn't really impressive, but this next story makes us think we went for a reason:

Yesterday, the name "Carol" came to my (Kiersten's) mind, so I wrote it down as a clue. I didn't really think much of it until I had a dream last night. In the dream we were at a Sam's Club or something similar and saw a woman. We approached her in isle 8, and we asked her if she needed prayer. She declined, but we pressed through and from what I can remember somebody asked her what was going on with her knees. She was surprised, but basically let us pray for her injured knees and then her lungs. I then (in the dream) asked her name and she said "Carol". Then she told me her last name as well, all of which were on our clue list in the dream. So back to reality, this morning I woke up and told Brooke and Dani the dream. Then we went to the lake and as we were walking, Dani was like, "O MY GOSH". Not 5 feet from us the name "Carol" was carved in the sand. It was unreal!!! So... we are definitely on the look out for Carol :) Pretty cool. God does confirm!


  • Helped jump start a lady's car this morning.
  • Talked with a man in Big Lots that had anchors and boats all over his shirt.
  • Approached a husband and wife in Wal-Mart...both of them were wearing clues but they declined prayer.
  • Also, told a twenty-something lady in Wal-Mart that she is God's treasure.
  • Prayed for overall well-being for Ann, a Wal-Mart employee. She was fishing out goldfish (clue) from the tanks with a fish net (clue) and was using a ladder (clue).
  • Prayed for health for Heather and her family in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
  • MORE TO COME (we are about to go to Wal-Mart again. :) )

All of these encounters happened in Ogden, Utah. You could feel the depression just being in the town. It was really run down and dark. Even the weather was dreary. You could see the dark cloud over the city...literally. As we were walking by people they just looked really depressed. Being in the town was even affecting our moods. Once we realized this we decided to do something about it! We went after God's treasures and put the joy back in our joyride. :) We also prayed over this city. We encourage all of you to pray for the whole state of Utah. We feel like it needs it.

Blessings/Funny stuff:

  • There was a hairball in Kiersten's bed. She realized this in the morning while we were leaving. haha.
  • Gas is cheaper than it was in the desert.

We love Lafayette :)



  1. The way you described that city and the darkness over it makes it sound like it was under some definite spiritual oppression. (A fact that I am sure was not lost on any of you.)Remember that event the smallest candle can light up a dark room. Continue to be that light ladies. It sounds like you are on the right track. Perhaps those at the temple could even sense God's presence upon you and didn't dare confront believers in the one true God. Keep pressing on and know that we all ernestly seeking God's favor in your lives.

  2. I'm glad you all love Lafayette!! :0) I can't believe Kiersten slept with a hairball!! Yuck! :0)

    You are all absolutely right...Utah definitely needs prayer against religious deception. I'll make an effort to remember to pray for that state. Salt...Salt Lake...makes me think about Lot's wife turning away from God's leading/instruction because her heart was attached to the deception/corruption in the city in which she lived. We DO need to pray....for all states in our country as well.

    Girls, the clues are becoming even more specific so listen closely to the Holy Spirit's leading. Probably much of it won't make sense in the natural (take 'Carol' for instance!), but if HE has these very specific clues, HE has VERY SPECIFIC answers. Take for instance the 'frog and ladder' in the bookstore. Or even Brooke's clue of 'orange hair', and not 5 minutes later here comes the woman. Be sure to take time to listen to the Holy Spirit, because it is in Him that the SPECIFIC answer to the problems are found. You might stop at a Christian bookstore if one's around, and pick up one of the Smith Wigglesworth devotionals, and read one a day. Pretty encouraging!

    Love you girls. You are SO wonderful. We, as parents, are so blessed to have you in our lives. There's no greater joy than to see God in YOU in a very real way!

  3. Go be the Salt of the earth in SLC....that's what I thought when I heard that's where you girls were. It sounds as if those hurting people need some of the True Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth's love poured out on them.

    I have heard (as Brooke can tell you) from a friend who used to live there, that it is a very oppressive place to live. There is no joy to be found. At least for a little while you girls can spread some joy and brighten some hearts.

    LUV ALL 3 of You,
    Brooke's Mom

  4. "We didn't have any encounters today. :("

  5. Hey girls I have been foloing you from day one,I read you blog for day 11 about a lady named ann and a lady that had a bad knee well my mom's name is ann and her knee is getting realy bad will you all keep her in your prayes for heeling.I will be praying for you girls every day be safe and God be with you

  6. Maybe it was just dark and dreary when you guys were there. Trust me, the weather there is great. We wouldn't want to be in a drought. Sometimes rain is a good thing.