Thursday, June 24, 2010

el dia 26

Oy! We spent the night in Las Cruces, NM! However, we are ones to move quickly and are now in TEXAS. We have definitely been driving most of the day today, just so we can get out of the states that are close to the border (and we went through border patrol!! exciting... a dog sniffed all aroudn our car) O and we did have some encounters :)
We met Marge, who had a family of 6 with her! She got emotional as she said we could pray for her and her large family. It seemed like there were some rough things going on.
Next was Tessie, who was so happy to be a treasure, and she wanted prayer for her teeth and a dentist that was affordable.
Blanca and Elissa were also incredibly surprised to be treasures and asked that we pray for them over all. Blanca said anything could be prayed for.

As we were driving through the DESERT, we literally stopped at an oasis... called Chevron :)
It was the only thing for miles, and we had to pee. After purchasing drinks, we got in the van back onto the interstate and Dani realized that our receipt said "Your cashier: Paul." Well, PAUL is a name God gave us yesterday!! I (Kiersten) whipped Abe around, and we drove right back to the gas station. We had to! What are the odds of an oasis, with Paul, in the middle of no where. FOR REAL. This all equals God. So we went back and talked to two of the employees... neither of which was Paul (because he wasn't there yet apparently). One of the guys was his brother... so he will be relaying the entire story to Paul, he said. It was sweetness!!

That's all we can write :(... Barnes and Noble is closing RIGHT NOW! AH!


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  1. As I reflect on your increasing boldness, this verse makes me think of the three of you:

    PSALM 138:3
    When I called, you answered me;
    you made me bold and stouthearted.