Thursday, June 3, 2010


So when we thought that we would finally have no more interruptions on our sleep...we did...of course. We decided to stay in the IHOP (International House of Prayer) parking lot because they are open 24 hours and thought it would be a pretty safe place. At exactly 4 in the morning there was a man beating on our windows. He happened to be IHOP security. He told us that we weren't allowed to sleep out in the parking lot. WHY? We aren't exactly sure, but we had to find a new spot. So we drove around for about an hour until we found a Wal-Mart. Today we went to the Zoo in Omaha, NE. Brooke's grandparents kindly paid our way in. We were so excited because we really felt like God was telling us to go to a zoo. This zoo happened to be close to us and it is HUGE! We figure there would be A LOT treasure there. After the zoo we met with my (Dani) grandparents for dinner. We were blessed with a free meal and a free hotel room! Once again God provides for us. The hotel happens to be attached to a casino! I know...crazy right!? We figured it would be a great opportunity to find treasures.
We really like tigers. RAAARRRRR!

  • It's me Kiersten :) yeah, so we went to the zoo, with actually not too many clues at hand. But just remember these: cantaloupe, purple peace sign, and ants. God had given the word cantaloupe... which I thought, how in the world are we going to find that at a ZOO? But, we went through this butterfly exhibit, and I looked at these plates where there was fruit for the butterflies to eat and there was CANTALOUPE. Then I started paying attention to the people around us. There was a mom with a young girl in front of us with purple peace signs on her shirt. So we followed them, past the butterflies, past the ANTS :) and outside. Then we stopped them and told them everything. The mom was like, "wow, that's odd." Haha... she was right. We told them both that God loved them, and they were most definitely His treasure. He wanted them to know that. Then she said they were there because the girl's dad had died ten years ago and they were kind of revisiting where he had lived and stuff. God loves people so much... are you all getting this!? Hope so :)
  • Now remember these clues from a couple days ago: fountain and twins. We found a fountain at the zoo with a statue of TWINS! What?!?! So bizarre I tell you, the things we are encountering. As we were sitting there, a woman walked by with 8 other people. She was wearing green and white argyle (a clue Katrina had helped supply). So we stopped her right by the antelope (ANOTHER CLUE)... the zoo was clue crazy. And God was faithful. We told the lady and her huge family everything. They proceeded to tell us how her mom was healed by God of cancer. So that blessed us too.
  • Talked to Rhonda at the casino/hotel in Council Bluffs, IA...she denied prayer for anything but she is still a treasure!
  • Prayed for healing in Mark's leg at the same hotel. We are hoping to run into him again and hear of healing!
  • We approached a guy named Jason in the hotel who matched a clue. His friend just laughed at us when we explained to him what we were doing, but I (Dani) really believe that we planted a seed in him. When we asked him if there was anything we could pray about he said "my friend" and laughed. Then he got really serious and you could just tell that there was something he wanted to say. I think that if it weren't for his friend laughing at it that he would have taken us seriously. I know God will bring it back to him. I just ask you all to pray for his salvation. Even though he didn't accept it tonight I think God will send someone his way again.
Funny Stuff:
  • Brushed our teeth in the parking lot last night using bottles of water to rinse. :) We have to do what we have to do.
  • Our GPS, Sarah, likes to play tricks on us sometimes.
Just remember that there are treasures all around you. You don't necessarily have to go to other states to find them. They can be right in front of you. Keep your heart open to what God may be telling you and your eyes open for his treasures. I (Dani) just want to remind you that you are God's treasure. He loves you so much that he sent his only son to die for you. That kind of love never fails.



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  1. I love you girls so much and am so very proud of your guys. Some of these stories are really giving me the chills. God is so good! Know that I am praying for you.