Friday, June 4, 2010


Today we went to:
  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Two hospitals
  • A women's correctional facility
  • Two receptionists at one of the hospitals
  • Catherine, the volunteer at the gift shop at the second hospital. We prayed for good test results for her health.
  • Two different women at the pizza place we ate dinner at.
We just want to address the fact that there hasn't been any "big stuff" (i.e. immediate healing, large numbers of encounters each day, etc...). We've been thinking about it and here's the conclusion we've come to, and would like to share with you. It's not about the numbers, it's not about the huge things that we might see with our own eyes. I (Brooke) specifically keep thinking about April, Tad, and the two handicapped girls and how BIG it is to them that God met them where they were at to express His love for them. And even on the days when we don't encounter a lot of people we remember that even God had a day of rest :)

Earlier today we were just really discouraged because today was the first time that we had no idea where we were going and we had just spent over an hour in Bass Pro Shop, found a ton of clues, but no treasure. It kind of made us upset and a little cranky. None of us were talking. Kiersten then made us have a little intervention. We decided that God knows what he is doing. I (Dani) also decided that he was testing us to see if we were putting our trust in Him. Today when I was driving and saw a billboard that said "Purpose...It's bigger than we understand." We may not understand why we can't find any treasure or find our way, but God has a purpose for us. He knows where he is going to lead us and who he is going to lead us to. It is supposed to be a joyride! We were losing the joy! Don't worry though we got it back. God led us to a town called York and we found some great things there. We have the joy of the Lord. :D

Things we need:
  • prayer for Brooke. She hasn't been sleeping all of the way through the night.
  • great gas prices
  • prayer for healing in the treasures we find

Blessings/Funny Stuff:
  • My (Dani) grandparents bought us the BIGGEST MUFFINS EVER for breakfast. They were the bomb!
  • "I'm not right all the time" -Brooke (This one is for the C2 people)
  • "We're not that weird...wait never mind" LOL If you guys know us you know that we are just a little weird. :p
Brooklyn, Dani B., and Kierstoni


  1. I will be praying for all of you girls tonight!! Thanks for the phone call! I miss you all but I know God is going to do something AMAZING in each of your lives!!! Don't forget that sometimes the little things in the end out weigh the big things! <3 ya mucho!

  2. I've been praying for your trip. Look at it as your on a roller coaster your only one forth the way through the trip and the best is yet to come! Keep up the great work and spreading the Joy of Jesus to this great country. You are Blessed and Highly Favored.

  3. We love you D! You are in our thoughts and prayers. So proud of you! Bill & Jodi