Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We are now in Kansas City! We went back and forth between Missouri and Kansas today...what a day! This blog will probably kind of short because we are TIRED! Imagine that.

  • Mary-Beth and baby Elisabeth at Freedom Park in Kansas City. We prayed a blessing over the baby's life.
  • Brett a 15 year old boy at Barnes and Noble. This one was definitely God. We had the clues frog and ladder on our list right by each other. We walk into Barnes and Noble and went up to the second floor and saw a big green frog on a ladder! So I (Dani) approached the young man standing right by it. I felt like I was supposed to tell him that whatever he might be going through right now just to give it to God. I told him that God really does care about it and He has a lot of promises for us. He was our guy for sure.
  • Amanda and her sister Ashley at the Oak Park Mall. She (Amanda) was an employee, but I (Dani) just couldn't pass her up because she had bright pink in her hair...which was a clue. I did not think I would ever find someone with pink hair! We prayed for her sister who was going on mission trip to Africa.
  • Dana at the Oak Park Mall. Kiersten walked by her and saw that she was in a wheel chair because her ankles and feet were really swollen. Kiersten told God that if it was her then to give her another clue. The poster right in front of us said "The treasure chest is here." So we turned around and prayed for her. We commanded that the swelling be gone in the name of JESUS! We saw the swelling go down! AMEN!
  • Alright... be ready for this one :) I love it. So everyone has that little tv screen in their mind where they can see pictures right? Like, picture a pink elephant... you can! So as we were praying before going to the mall, in my little tv screen mind, haha, I (Kiersten) saw big red lips. So we wrote that down as a clue. Didn't find anything at the mall. Then Dani thought that DQ has those big red lips on their commercials, so we went there. We decided to sit outside at some chairs... and there was NO ONE. No. One. It was kind of discouraging at first. I thought about leaving, but Brooke said we should wait 15 more minutes at DQ. Then I happened to notice two more of our clues right by us: a lamp post and a bench. Not 15 minutes later a family of four rides up on their bikes and pull right by us and the bench. I have my head down, kind of falling asleep, when I hear the dad say the name "Sarah" which was ON OUR LIST AS A CLUE!! Go God!! They were the treasures :) so we told them everything, and will be praying for their family, job situation, and everything! God specifically led us there just for them. And if they are reading this... thanks Scott, Brenda, Matt, and Sarah (clue!) for being the treasures! He loves you so much :)
  • Right here and now as we blog, God brought two more treasures across our path. As I (Brooke) walked in I saw two young handicapped girls (presumably twins - clue!). I missed the first opportunity to pray for them but then they walked back by the window we are sitting at. So I went out and approached the parents and explained what we are all about. Found out that the girls are not twins - not even genetically related - but why not pray for them anyway, right?! So I did and walked away feeling very blessed.
  • We were financially blessed by Brooke's aunt and uncle and her grandparents. Again...thank you all very much.
  • All last night it stormed and it was raining this morning, but as soon as we hit the road the skies cleared up and it turned out to be a beautiful day.
  • We had awesome omelets that Grandma Evelyn made us!!!
  • SHOUT OUT TO KATRINA LIGHT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today was a special day for sure!
  • We went to IHOP! No, not for pancakes, but the International House of Prayer. While there we really encountered God. It was amazing. While I(Dani) was sitting there I felt the presence of God very strongly. Of course I started bawling because that's what I do when God touches me. Then they started singing a song that said "What do You want to say to me now?" So I asked God what he wanted to say to me. I felt like he was saying to me that we are on the right path and to keep going. He was telling me that there are more great things to come and that things will start happening that we never thought possible. We really needed this. We are where we are supposed to be thanks to God.
  • Also right now sitting here blogging we checked old comments. Remember the Livestrong bracelet guy??? His wife that we prayed for just commented on our blog! HOW EXCITING IS THAT??? That is so cool that people that we are praying for are following it and it is so encouraging.
We love you all...bdk

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  1. AWESOME!!! Keep it up girls...looking forward to reading what you are up to tomorrow. Love you guys!!