Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 10, yo!

We made it through the desert! We drove on I-70 from Colorado to Utah (or Udah as our gps likes to pronounce it :D). There was nothing...at all. We came across a sign that said no services for 100 miles. Good thing we filled up on gas! It was very beautiful though. It felt like we were in another country. We didn't know anywhere in North America looked like that. We are now in Salt Lake City!


  • Last night after we got done with the blog I (Dani) saw a lady walk by and she had a sun (clue) tattoo on her ankle. I wasn't even really looking for clues, but it just caught my eye. I hopped up and talked to her. I didn't get the chance to pray with her, but she said that their family really needed to hear that today. Sometimes the clues are right there and you don't even have to look for them. :)
  • We also prayed for Lauren's boyfriend's grandma, Rose while at Wal-Mart. She didn't even match any clues! I (Dani) just felt God tugging on my heart.
  • Talked to a lady in Wal-Mart who needs prayer for her health.
  • Lady with two daughters in Wal-Mart
  • I(Dani) saw two girls around our age with name tags on with flags (clue) underneath. I knew that I was supposed to approach them so I told Brooke and Kiersten that we were supposed to talk to them. Brooke then proceeded to tell me that they were Mormon. OF COURSE! We are in Salt Lake City! I was so nervous to approach them because I wasn't fully sure about what they believed, but I knew I was supposed to. When approaching them they were kind of caught off guard. Usually they are the ones approaching people. The tables kind of turned on them. :) It was kind of awkward honestly, but I feel like maybe it made them think a little.
  • Prayed for a lady with crutches named Jan who tore ligaments in her knee. We prayed for healing in her left knee. She is having her surgery on July 1st so be praying that she won't need it.
  • Saw a lady with a giraffe purse (clue) and told her that she is God's treasure.
  • While hunting in Dollar Tree I (Brooke) had a deja vu moment in an aisle - which included a family standing at the end of the aisle. I knew right away they were a treasure so I approached them and they denied a need for prayer, but the seed was planted.
  • This next one was pretty humorous, if you could have seen it. While in Big Lots, I (Kiersten) went to this back isle and found an employee. My original plan was sincerely to ask where the ear plugs were (because we needed to buy some to blot out the street sweepers). Well, when I approached the employee, she started signing to me, and she pointed to her ears that she couldn't hear. In my mind I was like, whoa, talk about not looking for opportunities, but they just come! Anyway, I asked her if I could pray for her ears and she couldn't understand me. Plus, she was Hispanic and spoke NO English. So I left, but then I was determined to go back. This time I wrote on paper: Can we PRAY for you? She then said in Spanish that she couldn't read English. THEN we text Dani's boyfriend, Aaron (thanks Aaron!) how to write it in Spanish, and wrote on the paper: Puedo orar para usted?? Oy. She ultimately declined prayer saying nothing was wrong in her life, and (we think she said) her ears couldn't be healed. That was sad because we DO believe they can! It was funny though because we went back 3 times!! And ironic... we were shopping for earplugs :D The lesson to be learned: take a foreign language... haha!
  • Talked to a lady in TJ Maxx and she asked for prayer for her personally but not right then.
  • Approached and prayed for another lady in TJ Maxx that she would sleep better and have more energy for each day.
  • In Kohl's we found a teenage girl and just told her that she is God's treasure.
  • Finally, we encountered two women in Ross and told them that they are a treasure.
  • The graffiti on our van constantly reminds the world of God's love and purpose for them.
Blessings/Funny Stuff
  • We accidentally walked into a Mormon bookstore...and promptly left.
  • We fed a duck in the middle of a parking lot, whom we now affectionately refer to as Elmo. Kiersten and Dani quickly became attached - and then horrified as we drove away and saw his brother and sister squashed in the road.
  • Quote: Kiersten - "When was the last time we showered?" Brooke - "Saturday...it is now Tuesday." The streak is now over.
  • We got to drive through some gorgeous mountains this morning :)
That's it for today, Friends. We are off to sleep now. Sweet dreams!


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