Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brooke's reflections

To be completely honest this trip wasn't what I expected. Prior to leaving one of the phrases that God kept placing in my mind was "dream big." I dreamt, but in the thirty days we were gone I didn't see any of those dreams least not in front of my eyes. Two of the things we all wanted to see were an on-the-spot healing and salvation, neither of which did we witness. That's not to say that I think it was a waste of time - not at all! I'm not disappointed; I'm just being honest with what I was expecting and what actually happened. Besides, I will never know the impact of each encounter in the souls of those we talked to. Who knows what God did after we walked away.

I know that God had this dream before we even thought of it. He knew what would happen and what wouldn't. Therefore, I find joy in knowing that He didn't need us but chose us for this mission. I find peace in knowing that He has a "watering pail" and a "harvester" for every seed that was planted. This whole experience has given me a new perspective on "storing up treasures in heaven."

Ultimately, I am deeply grateful that our Father was walking with us, protecting us, providing for us, talking to us, and willing to use us throughout our journey. He alone deserves all the glory, honor, and praise for it all! It's all because of His love.

Now that we're home and back to the familiar, the ordinary, the routine...
this is where the joy ride begins,

P.S. Dani and Kiersten, words can't even express...


  1. Brooke... a story for you regarding seed planting & harvesting... for years I was a Christian that never had the opportunity to lead ANYone to Christ. I was always the seed planter and discipler before and after someone's decision, which at times made me wonder if I really was participating in the Great Commission. But then, all of the sudden, God took all of that faithfulness and blessed it with a HUGE harvest in the prison. When it was HIS timing, there was nothing that could stop it. Almost every single time I have asked for first time commitments since starting my work in the prison, there have been many, many men who have responded. I can't even tell you how humbling this is, because you KNOW there is ultimately NOTHING you can say or do to get an inmate to choose God. It is ONLY God choosing them and Him knocking on the doors of their hearts. The number of responses is almost ridiculous to me because it's so God and SO not me! So, keep pressing on and when you least expect it, God will show up, leaving you no doubt that it was Him!!!

  2. I agree with Carol. Actually, I believe this trip was 'foundational'. It was a beginning to be built upon. It was a month-long journey that led you to hear His voice, watch for clues and recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit, and experience His 'push' to have contact with His treasures.

    Romans 4:17 says He is the God that 'give life to the dead, and CALLS the things that are not as though they were'. Once a foundation of trust in His leading is established, a boldness and obedience comes to do, say, and take action as He reveals. Sometimes it's in taking the authority HE has given you, and take the risk unhindered by whomever or whatever you see/feel in the natural, and step into authority to bring 'HEAVEN to earth'. 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN'. We have HIM in us so we need to 'bring it' into the earth! It's time to take back what we have been robbed of.

    I Corinthians 4:20 - 'For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but of power'. It's true, you haven't yet seen the results of all that took place. Just as when you plant a seed, you don't see any results until even months later...but then it appears. There will be results, and ARE results already, from the trip.

    Now it's time to move into greater boldness. We can't depend on the natural to see the 'super' natural. That's why we have to see situations with spiritual eyes and be obedient to do exactly what HE says do, without fear. We don't take any glory in miracles/ all belongs to Him. Just as we aren't failures when we don't see it happen...because He's ultimately in charge. But it's time to step out of the boat and put our faith out there for the bigger things. Not just THINK about walking on the water. Peter would never have walked if he hadn't first taken the risk of stepping over the side of the boat and put his foot on top of the waves. Hebrews - 'Faith is being SURE of what you hope for, and CERTAIN of what we DO NOT SEE'. 'And without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that He exists AND that HE REWARDS THOSE WHO EARNESTLY SEEK HIM.'

    We can be reminded by a man who saw many miracles in the 1800-1900's...Smith Wigglesworth. God well as mentally, emotionally, spiritually (salvation). 'He is the same yesterday, TODAY, and FOREVER'. It's TIME to believe, and bring heaven to earth.

    I'm believing you girls...this generation...will usher in even a greater outpouring in the miraculous. May revival come now. We need His power and His presence like never before. Go team!